Staying Fresh and Relevant

I have been out on my own as a freelance graphic designer for more than two years after being at my last position as an in-house graphic designer for a large Christian camp for five and a half years.

The past two years have had a lot of ups and downs, as to be expected, but I do find that it's easy to slowly lose touch with what is current and appropriate in the world of graphic design and technology. I looked back at my old portfolio site that I first built on Cargo Collective's platform (which is a great platform still) and realized how long it had been since I had updated the work I've done. I still stand by the work that's on there, but I believe that I've grown so much more since then and that my design skills have improved.

All the same, the world moves so much faster than my brain would like. I'm thankful to have younger colleagues who can show me what's new and upcoming because honestly, I would probably never find it on my own.

This updated site is one step in that continuing fight. The fight to not just be trendy with the nuances and tricks of the day, but the fight against mediocrity and "good enough to get by."

Nathan EatonComment