Get A Clue

 Theme Branding + Promotional Material + Apparel

Basic Artwork and Signage

For their 2018 summer program, Camp Pondo asked me to design the visuals for "Get a Clue," a detective-style theme. I created the initial artwork with custom lettering stuck in a maze of possible routes with a magnifying glass searching for clues. Text specific to theme and Camp Pondo was integrated into the artwork. From this base, I modified it to include promotion for their social media presence and to work as signage on-site at the camp.

Team Wordmarks + Signage

Once the basic artwork was complete, I used the style to create two main team wordmarks (Opportunity and Motive) with four subteam wordmarks for each. Those were also then made into signs for competition use.


Paired with the theme, I furthered the artwork to be used for shirt designs. Every student at camp would be on a team and need a team shirt. Staff members would be recognized by a "Door Holder" shirt. And the subteam that won each week of the summer would receive a "Champs" shirt. I provided multiple mock-ups and final artwork for print.


Finally, I modified the artwork into a booklet cover for the camper manual that students would receive and laid out the interior spreads with devotional material, advertisements for camp apparel, an on-site escape room, and their 2019 Winter program. All type matching the "Get a Clue" look was custom-made. Other typefaces used include Baksoda and Bebas Neue. (Gallery shows selected spreads, not entire booklet)

CLIENT: Dan and Becky Skipper, Directors of Camp Pondo

Location: Green Valley Lake, CA